Henrik Mielke takes over as the new CEO of Scandi Byg

The former CEO of Enemærke & Petersen A/S and MT Højgaard Holding, Henrik Mielke, will take over as the new CEO of the module manufacturer Scandi Byg on 1 August 2024. He succeeds Torben Bloch Nielsen, who has been acting managing director of Scandi Byg for the past two years.

After the summer holidays, a new managing director sits down at the end of the table at the module manufacturer Scandi Byg, which is part of the Nordic Wood Industries group. The experienced top profile Henrik Mielke takes up the position and thus takes over the helm from Torben Bloch Nielsen, who was appointed acting managing director just over two years ago.

We are very happy that Henrik Mielke will become part of Scandi Byg. Henrik is an inspiring leader and throughout his career has created strong results in the companies he has led. He has years of experience in the construction industry and an in-depth knowledge of the market, Scandi Byg and the customers as a result of his time at MT Højgaard Holding and Enemærke & Petersen. He is a strong carrier of culture and will certainly help to create good results in Scandi Byg. On behalf of the group, I am also happy that we have brought Henrik on board, says Thomas Raunsbæk, group CEO at Nordic Wood Industries.

Henrik Mielke has been in the construction industry for over 43 years. For more than two decades, he has been at Enemærke & Petersen, of which he was managing director for just over seven years. Most recently, he has been managing director of MT Højgaard Holding. Henrik Mielke has also held many board and trust positions in the construction industry, including the position as chairman of the board for DI Byggeri.

Must continue turnaround
According to Thomas Raunsbæk, Scandi Byg is in the process of a major turnaround as a result of previous years’ challenges, and Henrik Mielke will be at the forefront of that work from now on.

I look forward to becoming part of both Scandi Byg and Nordic Wood Industries. My ambition is for Scandi Byg to be a more visible and proactive partner when planning and building offices, homes, daycare centers and rental solutions with a low LCA footprint, which should preferably be more ambitious than the new climate requirements. Scandi Byg has already come a long way, but I want to continue working with the company’s strong culture and look forward to becoming part of an organization where there is not far from words to action, says Henrik Mielke, who adds:

Scandi Byg has been working with sustainability long before it was on the political agenda, and to this day the company is a frontrunner in more environmentally friendly construction and the LCA requirements. I am looking forward to becoming part of the continued development and journey that the company is on, and helping to set a direction for the company in close cooperation with Nordic Wood Industries.

When Henrik Mielke takes over as managing director of Scandi Byg on 1 August 2024, Scandi Byg’s current managing director, Torben Bloch Nielsen, will continue his work with board work and as a management consultant.

A big thank you must go to Torben Bloch Nielsen and his great work in initiating a turnaround in Scandi Byg. Torben has been associated with Scandi Byg first as a management consultant, and then he became acting director until, as agreed, we found the right solution for Scandi Byg. We greatly appreciate his efforts, says Thomas Raunsbæk in conclusion.

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