Nordic Wood Industries establishes new group management with an experienced director at the helm

The Nordic Wood Industries Group currently has a turnover of more than three quarters of a billion and 550 employees in nine locations in Denmark and abroad. With this in mind, a completely new group management is now being established, including a new group managing director, who will set the direction for Nordic Wood Industries and ensure significant growth in the coming years – both organically and through acquisitions.

The former group AH Wood Industries, which includes four prominent Danish companies in wood-based building materials and prefabrication, changed its name to Nordic Wood Industries earlier this year as part of a larger growth strategy. In this connection, they are now ready for the next big step on the road, which involves the establishment of a completely new group management – which has not existed until now – with an experienced and industry-known director at the end of the table. In this way, Nordic Wood Industries will in future have to act to a much greater extent as a single group with one common direction rather than four separate companies.

Thomas Raunsbæk, former director of Scandi Byg, will, together with the two main shareholders, Holger C. Hansen and Asbjørn Berge, head the group. Asbjørn Berge is chairman of the board of Nordic Wood Industries. Thomas Raunsbæk will take over as Group CEO, and Holger C. Hansen will be part of the Group Management with responsibility for business development.

– With Nordic Wood Industries, we have established an overall position in the market for wood-based building materials, where we can work with a completely different weight than before to increase the use of wood in construction and spread awareness of the wood’s many uses and sustainable properties.

This is explained by Asbjørn Berge, who is chairman of the board of Nordic Wood Industries. At the same time, he points out that the purpose of Nordic Wood Industries is first and foremost to offer customers and partners a larger product range as well as a broader and deeper competence profile, as the four companies in the group are now strengthened both in breadth and with specialist knowledge in sustainable wood construction. And with the new group management, that position now just needs to be expanded further.

– The companies in Nordic Wood Industries have many years of experience and market-leading positions in their respective fields. Common to the companies is a unique focus on quality, innovation and sustainability, and in a group community we now have the opportunity to accelerate growth and development through cross-cutting collaboration, broader market insight and focus on a single bottom line, says Thomas Raunsbæk.

The four companies in Nordic Wood Industries, which all specialize in building materials and prefabrication in wood and have production facilities in several places in Denmark and abroad, include the following:

  • Palsgaard Spær: Beam constructions / wall frames / roof modules
  • Nviro – CBI Papiruld: paper wool insulation
  • Lilleheden: Glulam products
  • Roust Træ: Wood-based building elements and rafters

The goal is growth

Nordic Wood Industries has a total of more than 550 employees with a total turnover of more than DKK 750 million. kr. The Group’s companies are currently divided into nine locations at home and abroad. It is the group’s ambition to grow further in the coming years. The development must come from both organic and acquisitive growth within the framework of wood-based building materials and prefabrication.

– Thomas and the other management in Nordic Wood Industries, with their many years of experience from large groups, add the knowledge and competence needed to further professionalize Nordic Wood Industries and lift the group up on a new common platform for growth, says Asbjørn Berge.

– The companies in Nordic Wood Industries have dedicated and skilled managers and employees, and the corporate cultures carry strong values, which I together with the rest of the management and owners are strongly motivated to maintain and build on in the future collaboration, says Thomas Raunsbæk.

Thomas Raunsbæk will take up the position as Group CEO of Nordic Wood Industries no later than 1 September 2021.

About Nordic Wood Industries: Nordic Wood Industries is one of Denmark’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of wood-based materials and prefabrication for sustainable construction in Denmark and selected countries in Northern Europe. The group employs 400 people in the four companies Palsgaard Spær, Nviro – CBI Papiruld, Lilleheden and Roust Træ and has production facilities in several places in Denmark and abroad.

In the picture: Holger C. Hansen on the left, Thomas Raunsbæk in the middle and Asbjørn Berge on the right.

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