Palsgaard Spær vinder pris som årets Succesvirksomhed

Palsgaard Spær receives prestigious business award

Even in a period marked by economic uncertainty as a result of the war in Ukraine and the subsequent high inflation, it has not been able to knock Palsgaard Spær off course. The company has succeeded in creating continuous growth and delivering such strong financial results that they are now being honored with the Business Award Success Business 2023.

Palsgaard Spær, Denmark’s largest and oldest rafter factory with 125 years of experience in wood and rafter constructions, has just received this year’s Success Business Award. The prize is awarded each year by Spar Nord and BDO to the small and medium-sized Danish companies that have been most successful over a five-year period, measured on a number of financial parameters. And since the accounting period has, among other things, increased material prices, high inflation and thus more difficult conditions for the business world, there is extra much to celebrate this year.

According to the CEO of Palsgaard Spær, Tobias Smith, automation, digitization and a culture of improvement are important keywords for Palsgaard Spær’s success:

The award as a successful company is a big pat on the back for the company’s 250 employees, who put in a lot of effort every day and contribute to creating a strong company with continuous growth. Without them, Palsgaard Spær would not be where we are today, says Tobias Smith and continues:

This award is also visible proof that we have succeeded in our overall strategy, which in short is about constantly developing and optimizing our processes. That we firmly focus on digitizing all our processes and, not least, that we have a fundamental culture of improvement in the company. We will do our best, and even when things are going well, we want to do even better.

Have taken the long cool move

According to Morten Nørup Isaksen, who is customer manager at Spar Nord Herning, Palsgaard Spær has received the award for having taken the long hard way and thus had continuous growth and strong financial results in the past five years:

In order to receive the Success Business Award, the company must meet several parameters, including the company must have had continuous growth for the past five years. Palsgaard Spær in particular has succeeded in this. The company has created great growth and has taken the long, tough journey, which we are just paying tribute to with the Success Business Award, says Morten Nørup Isaksen, who adds:

Palsgaard Spær has invested heavily in digitization and automation by, for example, investing in new robotic systems for their production. The company has made large investments where others might hesitate. Their ability to dare to develop, even though the market has generally been down, is sensational, and this is one of the reasons why they have earned the business award.

Acquisition of several companies

Palsgaard Spær is part of the wood-based group Nordic Wood Industries, which aims to make it easy for construction to use wood-based solutions. The company has branches in six locations in the country with its head office in Hampen in Central Jutland and employs everything from production workers to technical designers, constructors and engineers.

Over the past few years, we have focused on acquiring several companies including, among others, Ugilt Spær and Roust Spær, and we now have specialists in all types of truss projects throughout the country. It has also meant that we have continuously gained even more new, talented employees who bring their perspectives on things, which means that we can constantly develop, says Tobias Smith in conclusion.

Palsgaard Spær has just received a statuette as visible proof of the award as Successful Company 2023 and will celebrate the award together with all the company’s employees in the near future.

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