Kenneth Jepsen og Tobias Smith

Palsgaard Spær takes over North Jutland rafter manufacturer

Palsgaard Spær, which is part of the Nordic Wood Industries group, has just entered into an agreement with Ugilt Spær A/S to take over the company’s activities, including inventory, order book, buildings and just over 30 employees. With the purchase, Palsgaard Spær gets another department in northern Jutland and ensures further logistical and production efficiency.

As of 1 October 2022, Palsgaard Spær has taken over Ugilt Spær, which produces PEFC-certified rafters in the North Jutland city of Sindal. This means that the company’s orders, warehouse, buildings and employees will henceforth be part of Palsgaard Spær.

“Apart from the fact that we are first and foremost supplementing our talented team with even more colleagues who have strong professional expertise in rafter production, the takeover makes very good sense in terms of geography and thus transport and production. Ugilt Spær has been a really good competitor to us, and therefore we are happy to have been given the opportunity to buy the company,” says CEO of Palsgaard Spær, Tobias Smith, and continues:

With Palsgaard Spær’s takeover of Ugilt Spær, we will thus become one unified entity with Palsgaard Spær as the name and brand, and henceforth we will be able to offer our customers a high degree of flexibility in deliveries as well as rafters that are locally produced in Sindal.

According to Ugilt Spær’s director and founder, Kenneth Jepsen, Palsgaard Spær and Ugilt Spær are a good match, as the companies have many of the same values:

“Ugilt Spær is the child of my heart, and it is of course sad to let go, but I know that the company is in the best hands at Palsgaard Spær and Nordic Wood Industries. My time had come to try something new, and the chemistry with Palsgaard Spær was just right. In addition, Palsgaard Spær and Ugilt Spær have several of the same values, such as personal contact, good customer service and a proper product, so I am delighted that they will now further develop and strengthen the company for the future, he says.
However, Kenneth Jepsen will not completely let go of contact with the company. In future, he will be responsible for the transport of the rafters from the company in Sindal,” as Kenneth Jepsen also runs a transport and crane company.

Future-proofing of wooden construction
Ugilt Spær will not only become part of Palsgaard Spær, but also part of the group Nordic Wood Industries. And according to Group CEO Thomas Raunsbæk, the timber industry needs to stand stronger as a common unit:

“The timber industry is experiencing huge growth, and in order to meet the high demand for wooden buildings and wood-based products, a certain volume is needed behind it. At Nordic Wood Industries, we want to create a size where we have all the competences in wood construction in the group, because that results in more and better wood construction and products. The consolidation of Palsgaard Spær and Ugilt Spær is therefore a good example of us joining forces in a form of flagship, so that customers not only get good, climate-friendly products, but also get a knowledge partner in us,” he says.

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