Papiruld Danmark and CBI Danmark merge

The two leading suppliers of paper insulation, Papiruld Danmark and CBI Danmark, have just been merged. With CBI Papiruld Danmark, as the new company now calls itself, the Danish construction industry can welcome a massive market frontrunner on the paper insulation front.

Papirisoleringsleverandørerne Papiruld Danmark og CBI Danmark er netop fusioneret. Thus, Papiruld Danmark has acquired 51% of CBI Danmark. CBI Denmark has also acquired 49% of Papiruld Danmark. The result of the merger between the two market-leading companies is that the new insulation supplier CBI Papiruld Denmark is now seeing the light of day. Holger C. Hansen, who owns the majority of shares in CBI Papiruld Danmark, is looking forward to presenting the Danish market’s largest supplier of sustainable paper insulation, which is now behind the industry’s widest and most solid product range.

– With the new strong constellation, we get the opportunity to build on the good results created at both Papiruld Danmark and CBI Danmark. Both companies’ products are in a class of their own, and with the merger of the many competent employees, I am sure that CBI Papiruld Danmark has an enormous development potential.

This is explained by Holger C. Hansen, who also points out that the merger is in line with Nordic Wood Industries’ strategy of occupying a market-leading position within sustainable building materials.

The perfect match

The merger means that the current CEO of Papiruld Danmark Jens Engbo Norddal will take over as CEO of CBI Papiruld Danmark – and according to him, this is the perfect match. CBI Denmark is a company with many years of in-depth expertise when it comes to insulation. In addition to Isocell paper insulation, their portfolio includes a wide range of solutions, including steam brakes, Isowind ventilation plates and blowing machines, as well as a series of Hunton wood fiber insulation products.

– CBI Denmark has a solid core of committed employees, all of whom bring several years of experience with consulting, construction, renovation, engineering and sustainable business. Like us, CBI Denmark is known for its wide network of competent and top professional insulators, and they also have a high degree of knowledge among the craftsmen as well as a strong foothold around the timber dealers. Papiruld Danmark is also a leader in sustainable paper insulation. We have a significant profile when it comes to both the project and private market, and our almost 30 years in the industry have ensured us extensive experience and know-how.

This is how it sounds from Jens Engbo Norddal, who looks forward to developing the best possible sales strategy in close dialogue with the strong sales teams at the two merged companies. At the same time, he sees the merger as a unique opportunity to support Papiruld Danmark’s ambition to grow strongly.

According to CBI Denmark’s former director and owner Per K. Thomsen, the merger does not just unite two of the market’s strongest product portfolios. The synergy effect will also be an organization that can provide highly specialized technical knowledge and know-how to all customers and partners who need sparring and support. As a member of the Executive Board of CBI Papiruld Danmark, he welcomes the strengthened market position that the new setup will undeniably entail:

– The merger does not just mean a product consolidation. CBI Denmark and Papiruld Danmark share the same solid value base, and we add new strengths to each other in relation to a number of parameters. In addition, our resp. Zealand and Jutland locations a geographical balancing for the great benefit of our customers and partners, which we will continue to be close to. I am therefore looking forward to continuing the strong development and growth within sustainable insulation solutions – both as an employed director and significant shareholder in the new company.

Great potential in sustainable product properties

It is not least the two companies’ massively sustainable profiles that make Holger C. Hansen believe in the potential of the merger. Ex. Papiruld Danmark’s materials have traditionally been produced from surplus paper and recycled newspapers, which ensures extremely low CO2 emissions in the production phase. Likewise, Isocell paper insulation is FSC® marked (FSC-N003106) and Natureplus certified, which to that extent constitutes a seal of quality in terms of sustainability.

– CBI Denmark complements Papiruld Danmark’s program with a number of product features that are in focus within both new construction, renovation and maintenance. Insulation with paper wool is both an easily accessible, efficient and not least sustainable way to massive improvements in the indoor climate as well as energy consumption. There are more and more people who see the benefits, Holger C. Hansen explains.

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