Jan Frydenlund

Roust Element hires an experienced project manager and commits to a wider market

Roust Element, which is part of Nordic Wood Industries, has just hired Jan Frydenlund as a new project manager. Jan has more than 27 years of experience from the construction industry, and he will now use that experience at Roust Element, which in the future will focus even more on a broader project market.

Element manufacturer Roust Element, which is based in Årre in south-west Jutland, has been developing rapidly in recent years. This development has now meant that the company has created a new project manager position, where 54-year-old Jan Frydenlund has just joined. Jan will be at the helm of further development and management of the company’s future construction projects, which in the future will embrace even more broadly:

– At Roust Element, we have ambitions to be able to bid on even more construction projects than so far. In order to be able to do that, in recent years we have been undertaking a major reorganization and expansion of production. In this connection, we have created a new position as project manager, and we are very happy that in the future it will be Jan who will lead our projects, says Mikkel N. Steffensen, who is the managing director of Roust Element.

And it is experienced forces that will now run Roust Element’s construction projects. Jan has more than 27 years of experience with both employee and project management, planning and sales. He is a trained building designer and has, among other things, been a partner and co-owner of the trading company Mogens Rasmussen A/S, been a project manager and sales manager at CREO Arkitekter and was a project manager and board member at Spæncom. In recent years, he has been contract and project manager at Taasinge Elementer.

– With Jan’s field of competence and many years of experience in element production and management, he is a very good match for the role of project manager at Roust Element. He has great ambitions for our development and will definitely contribute positively to the company’s growth and further journey, says Mikkel N. Steffensen.

In the role of project manager, Jan will coordinate and lead Roust Elements’ project teams, ensure uniform project management and be a sparring partner for the management.

– I have been very much looking forward to becoming part of both Roust Element and Nordic Wood Industries. The level of ambition in the group is towering and the potential for wood-based prefabricated buildings is considerable. I have worked with element construction for many years, and this is where I feel at home, so when Roust Element offered me the opportunity to join the team, I accepted without hesitation, says Jan Frydenlund and continues:

– Roust Element has existed for over 50 years, and there is a wide range of knowledge in the company. My ambition is that we should zoom in on what we are good at, and cultivate the good skills that are in the company. I think we can get even stronger results from that.

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