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Roust Træ is changing its name and getting ready for growth

The timber company Roust Træ, which produces and supplies wood-based building elements and rafters, is now focusing on the company’s core area and changing its name to Roust Element. This is happening as part of a growth strategy that aims to capture even more market shares in a booming construction industry, where wood and green solutions are high on the agenda.

The demand for wooden elements has increased significantly over the past few years, which is particularly noticeable at Roust Træ, which supplies prefabricated insulating wooden elements for roofs, walls and floors as well as rafters. The company therefore now takes advantage of the favorable situation and consolidates with streamlining of products, name change and a new visual identity. According to the director of Roust Træ, Hans Peter Sørensen, the company must therefore have a stronger position on the market and be prepared for future growth:

“The market for wooden element construction is very favorable at the moment, and although the construction industry as a whole is entering an uncertain period as a result of the world situation, the interest in wooden solutions does not seem to diminish in the future – on the contrary. Therefore, we see an obvious opportunity to consolidate the company now, so that we can implement our growth strategy and grow further,” he says and continues:

“We do this, among other things, by streamlining our core area, so that we focus exclusively on element production, and clarify this in the form of a name change and a new visual identity with, among other things, a new logo and website. The goal is to stand even stronger in the industry and win even more market shares – among other things within facade renovation as well as office, institutional and school construction, where we can particularly notice that interest is shifting from materials in concrete, aerated concrete and aluminum to wood, which is a more climate-friendly building material.”

Roust Træ will henceforth be called Roust Element, while the company’s rafter production will live on under the brand Roust Spær.

“Even though we are now changing our name and visual identity, our customers will continue to retain the same, well-known contact persons and agreements as before the name change. This applies regardless of whether they have dealt with our rafter or element department. We look forward to being able to specialize to an even greater degree in the future – and this will certainly benefit our customers and business partners,” says sales manager at Roust Træ, Thomas B. Wildbork.

Strong unit with synergistic effect
In the autumn of 2020, Roust Træ became part of the Nordic Wood Industries group, which in total includes several significant wood-based companies, and with the consolidation and name change, Roust Træ is, according to Nordic Wood Industries CEO Thomas Raunsbæk, even better equipped for the future:

“Roust Træ has always been keen on wood-based products and is now well on its way to becoming a company of the future. The company has a strong vision, which they are well on their way to bringing to life. This can be seen, among other things, in the investments the company has made. Recently, Roust Træ invested in a new loading hall and an expanded area for floor and roof cassettes, which meant that the company expanded its storage capacity by 50 percent and doubled the loading capacity. In addition, Roust Træ is also working with a clear Lean strategy that will develop the company to an even greater extent as a production company. They therefore stand as a strong unit that creates synergy across the group, which is of great value to us,” concludes Thomas Raunsbæk.

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