Christian Esbensen

Lilleheden switches to PEFC-certified wood

The strong focus on building sustainably makes certified wood products more and more in demand.

It is also one of the reasons why Lilleheden for more than 10 years exclusively has purchased certified raw wood for glulam production, which means that the wood comes from sustainable forestry, which ensures responsible forestry.

There are two recognized certification schemes, FSC® (FSC® C016468) and PEFC, both of which emphasize principles such as the environment, biodiversity, working conditions and the preservation of forest areas.

Increasing demand for PEFC
“At Lilleheden, we have previously purchased FSC®-certified wood. But we are currently noticing an increasing demand from our customers for PEFC-certified wood. So it is natural for us to change certification in order to meet the demand. In addition, the group we are part of, Nordic Wood Industries, has chosen PEFC as the standard certification for all companies in the group,” says Christian Esbensen, CEO of Lilleheden.

Lilleheden will transition to the PEFC scheme within a few months and is currently undergoing an extensive certification process to ensure that all documentation is in place.

More products are certified
As something completely new, our merchandise becomes; I-beams, LVL beams and CLT elements will in future also be PEFC certified, which will also be of great importance to our customers when they have to do LCA calculations on their buildings,” concludes Christian Esbensen.

Lilleheden is looking forward to being able to offer PEFC-certified glulam for both detached house construction and large projects, as well as PEFC-certified I-beams, LVL beams and CLT elements as early as May 2023.

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