Nordic Wood Industries is arming itself with a new head of sustainability in the group management

The big wooden giant, Nordic Wood Industries, is pushing sustainability to the top of the strategic agenda. This happens with the appointment of Sana Saleem as the new head of sustainability at group level.

Sana Saleem, who has worked with sustainability and energy optimization for more than 10 years, will thus be responsible for the overall group’s strategy for sustainability and will ensure implementation to the group’s 550 employees, which are spread over nine locations in Denmark and abroad.

Recently, the wood group Nordic Wood Industries, which includes four prominent Danish companies in wood-based building materials and prefabrication; Palsgaard Spær, Nviro CBI Papiruld , Lilleheden and Roust Træ , announce the establishment of a completely new group management with an experienced director at the helm. It must ensure that Nordic Wood Industries in the future acts to a much greater extent as one unified group with one common direction rather than four separate companies.

This also applies in relation to the sustainable development in the group, and therefore Nordic Wood Industries has just hired 34-year-old Sana Saleem from Høje Taastrup, who has a degree in Engineering from DTU and has studied a master’s degree in Building Physics. For more than 10 years, she has worked with sustainability and energy optimization, most recently as a technical consultant at Palsgaard Spær and before that in the former Papiruld Danmark A / S. Now she will be responsible for the entire group’s sustainability strategy as well as the implementation towards the group’s 550 employees:

– We want to be the market leader in Denmark within sustainable construction, and we know that in the future there will be even greater focus on sustainable construction. Therefore, we must ensure that we have valid documentation of the qualities our products possess when they are part of certified buildings, and here Sana Saleem will play a key role. At the same time, with the appointment, we want to make it clear to our customers, partners and the outside world that sustainability is a priority for top management and an important part of our business strategy.

This is what co-owner of Nordic Wood Industries, Holger C. Hansen, says, who also points out that the group is embarking on an exciting growth strategy, where with the acquisition of new companies that fit into the product portfolio and organic growth, there will be a need for unification across the entire group.

The ambition is to reduce CO2 emissions

The ambition for the group is to contribute to the government achieving their goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 70 percent by 2030 compared to 1990, of which construction alone accounts for approx. 30-40 percent of the total CO2 emissions in Denmark.

– My task will be to ensure that we as a group take our share of the responsibility in relation to reducing CO2 emissions in the best possible way. For example, we would like to be able to document our share of CO2 emissions for each individual construction project. We already provide sustainable solutions for construction with our wood-based products, which include are PEFC certified. But there is room for improvement, for example in relation to the manufacturing process, says Sana Saleem and continues:

– At the same time, the goal is also to strengthen our own work and create a greener Nordic Wood Industries for the future. We need to identify and implement further improvements in our business, and we have ambitions that they pull threads far into the entire industry in general.

Sana Saleem will take up the position of Sustainability Manager at Nordic Wood Industries on 1 July 2021.

About Nordic Wood Industries: Nordic Wood Industries is one of Denmark’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of wood-based materials and prefabrication for sustainable construction in Denmark and selected countries in Northern Europe. The group employs 550 people in the four companies Palsgaard Spær, Nviro – CBI Papiruld, Lilleheden and Roust Træ and has production facilities in several places in Denmark and abroad.

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