Nviro becomes the sole supplier of Hunton’s building materials in Denmark

Nviro CBI Papiruld, which produces wood-based insulation materials for construction, has just entered into a major exclusivity agreement with the Norwegian insulation giant Hunton. The agreement means that Nviro will be the sole supplier of a number of environmentally documented wood fiber insulation products, which will help to give a further boost to the market for sustainable construction in Denmark. The ambition is to settle for more than 10 percent of the total insulation market in Denmark, which amounts to more than two billion kroner a year.

Sustainable building materials are gaining more and more ground on Danish construction sites – also on the insulation front. Therefore, right now there is great optimism to be found in the insulation company Nviro CBI Papiruld in Hillerød, which has now become the sole supplier of wood fiber insulation from Norwegian Hunton.

Hunton is the Nordic region’s leading producer of building materials based on wood and wood fiber from PEFC-certified forestry, and with the new contract, Nviro now has the opportunity to strengthen its product portfolio of sustainable insulation materials in Denmark:

Hunton’s wood fiber products fit perfectly with our concept of being able to offer a wide range of future-oriented insulation solutions for construction. At the same time, it is important for us to work with products where the documentation to the client and other relevant actors is in order. We get that to a great extent with Hunton’s products, says Jens Engbo Norddal, CEO of Nviro CBI Papiruld.

Certified products are in demand
At Nviro CBI Papiruld, there is a growing interest in wood-based insulation materials in the construction industry. Demand is due, among other things, to an accelerating focus on reducing CO 2 emissions in construction as well as the sharply rising energy prices, which paper-based insulation is largely not affected by in the same way as other insulation materials.

Wood-based insulation materials contribute positively to the construction’s CO₂ footprint, as they store larger amounts of CO₂ throughout the life cycle than are emitted in production. At the same time, the wood fiber products are comfortable to work with in terms of working environment, which is also very important on construction sites., says Jens Engbo Norddal.

The manufacturer Hunton in Norway is also enthusiastic about the new agreement:

We are very pleased to have landed an agreement with Nviro. The market for wood products is growing strongly, and we expect that Nviro, through its agreements in the Danish market, will contribute to the further expansion of our products in the Danish market., says marketing director Thomas Vaarlund in Hunton Fiber AS.

Hunton’s products have been available on the Danish market for many years, and the demand for more natural building materials has contributed to a steadily increasing growth:

With the prospect of even more demands for a reduction in the CO’s footprint of construction, rising energy prices and an increased interest in healthy homes, demand will continue to increase in the coming years as well. The Danish insulation market has a turnover of more than two billion kroner a year, and today we have a share of four percent. With the new agreement with Hunton, it is our ambition to increase the market share to more than 10 percent. We must help to ensure this, among other things, through consultancy, networks among the construction parties and not least delivery and logistics. Here we have a clear ambition to help lift sales of Hunton’s products to a new level in Denmark, concludes Jens Engbo Norddal.

Hunton’s products can still be found in hardware stores and carpenters across the country.

Nviro will in future distribute the following products from Hunton:
• Hunton Nativo® Wood Fiber Insulation
• Hunton Windproof
• Hunton Undertag
• Hunton Sutag
• Silencio step sound products

For further information please contact:

  • Jens Engbo Norddal, CEO of Nviro CBI Papiruld
    jno@nviro.dk or 28 45 66 03
  • Rikke Henningsen Herrguth, communications manager at Nordic Wood Industries
    rhh@nowi.dk or 60 38 90 45

About Hunton
Hunton is one of the Nordic region’s leading manufacturers of building materials based on wood and wood fiber. For more than 130 years, the company has provided materials for houses, cottages, kindergartens, schools and commercial buildings for millions of people in several countries. Building with wood helps to reduce the CO2 footprint at the same time as the buildings become comfortable to live in and last a long time. Hunton has its head office and factories in Gjøvik, sales offices in the Nordic region, and sales of approx. NOK 600 million in 2021. Hunton has been producing building materials in Gjøvik since 1889, and in the winter of 2019 opened a new factory to be able to supply the Nordic market with wood fiber insulation, produced from wood chips from Norwegian spruce trees.

Nviro – part of Nordic Wood Industries
NVIRO CBI Papiruld is part of the group Nordic Wood Industries, which is a manufacturer and supplier of wood-based materials and prefabrication for sustainable construction in Denmark and selected countries in Northern Europe. The group employs a total of 550 employees with a total turnover of more than DKK 750 million. kr. Nordic Wood Industries’ companies currently cover ten locations in both Denmark and abroad.

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